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I grew up running; my dad was a runner, and from an early age, I'd join him on his shorter runs, race local 5ks, and overall just love being active. I later ran cross-country in college while simultaneously training for my first marathon. After my first marathon, I took a 4 year break from running (I go into more detail about my personal journey over on Instagram; connect with me there!), before returning to the sport in 2015.

That spring is when I fell in love. Running for me is fueled by passion because I've seen how much running has changed my life. I strive to share that passion with others, and help them foster their own love of the sport. To better do this, I began working as a health coach in the fall of 2016, and then became an RRCA Certified Coach in the spring of 2017. I've worked with runners of all levels, ages, and backgrounds chasing new PR's and/or distances or just beginning their running journey.

I'm a 50 miler finisher, 3-time 50k finisher, 8-time marathoner, 5+-time half-marathoner, and have completed many shorter races. I understand the commitment, time, energy, and determination that go into training, and MY goal is to support you as you make the decision to chase YOUR next goal!

I look forward to working with you!